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Beagle Score

A location-based widget providing data and facts for commercial MLS and Real Estate sites.

Helping Small Businesses Find a Place to Call Home

Just let us know where you want to do business and Beagle will fetch dozens of data types and sources. From infrastructure and the neighborhood to the competition, regulations, and taxes, Beagle will rate a location and give you a snapshot of what would be ahead of you for any place in Colorado.

We know how it feels when you see something but can’t find the source. Beagle is designed to give you everything we find, and we are working to provide direct links to related sources of data as well. From the breakdown of the sales tax rate to the closest bus stops, we like to keep things simple while giving you the whole picture when you want it.

Instead of creating yet another site to help business owners, Beagle is designed to be embedded in your favorite property and listing sites. Simply embed Beagle in your site with a single line of code and you are done. Beagle is already online at KL Realty, check out an example property or see it in action below.

Beagle Score was the winner of the 2014 Go Code Colorado App Challenge run by the Colorado Secretary of State. Learn more about Go Code Colorado →

Beagle Score is a collaboration between Wojciech Magda and Sean Wittmeyer, now managed by Beagle Score Limited.

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